Gold NFT Preview

Childhood Leukemia Foundation Donations

Free NFT with your generous donation

Welcome to Childhood Leukemia Foundation’s Inaugural Mint!  Each donation you make will make a meaningful impact on the life of a child in need. As a token of our gratitude we want to give you one of our Inaugural NFT’s! You can now have a permanent display of your devotion to the fight against cancer. Donate now and receive your NFT today!

Friend of Childhood Leukemia Foundation – Bronze Level

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, some give more, some give less, but everyone who gives to help children battling cancer is a Friend of Childhood Leukemia Foundation. Show your commitment to giving what you can spare with our Bronze level NFT!

Childhood Leukemia Foundation Wish Basket – Silver Level

Children battling cancer spend approximately fifty percent of their treatment confined to a hospital room or bed. We want to provide these children with a gift that will lower their anxiety and stimulate their engagement. With a Silver level contribution, we can provide these children with a Childhood Leukemia Foundation Wish Basket designed to engage, challenge and comfort young patients!

Childhood Leukemia Keeping Kids Connected – Gold Level

Childhood Leukemia Foundation wants help young cancer patients to overcome isolation within a hospital setting by providing iPads. Through Facetime, email and social media we can help them connect with loved ones throughout their cancer treatment. Loneliness is a constant enemy of these children, with a Gold level contribution, we can put an iPad in the hands of a child who shouldn’t ever feel alone.

Endowment Benefactor – Platinum Level

Our Endowment Fund is for all individuals and families who want to leave a lasting legacy for children living with cancer. Your gift will make a huge impact on children struggling with the devastating effects of cancer now and for generations to come. An outright donation, or a grant from your DAF, can provide the mental, educational and emotional support for brave young cancer patients when they need it the most. You will be teaching your loved ones, and showing others, why you believe in giving back.