Turing Trust

If you would like, please donate to a great charity and cause

Every $25 donated will provide a computer to underprivileged students in Malawi, the difference your donation makes can be life-changing! Honour the life and legacy of Alan Turing and his love for education.

Every donation made will be rewarded with a special commemorative NFT.

Inaugural Bronze NFT

Turing NFT Bronze

Inaugural Silver NFT

Inaugural Gold NFT

Support our mission by supporting students to learn digital skills for the first time in Malawi. Your donation will allow students to learn vital IT skills, improve computer literacy and gain invaluable knowledge to advance in their careers.
Every donation over $25 will provide  a computer to underprivileged children, enabling them to participate in the digital world.
Donations of $500 will provide a classroom with 20 computers and the necessary teaching for over 300 students to learn IT literacy. Along with the unique silver inaugural NFT, this tier will also be rewarded with a signed book by Dermot Turing.  Donations over $1,000 will recieve the above and a virtual meeting with one of our UK staff at your convenience.
Donations over $10,000 will receive the above and a personal tour on-location in Malawi that will accompany our gold-tier NFT. Please note that costs associated with the donor’s time spent in Malawi must be paid for by the donor.

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